Market Technology for
Cloud, Hosting & Technology Companies

Inbound Marketing


The Intelligent Content Marketing program is essential to market your technology. When done correctly, a holistic inbound marketing program is a highly effective method that leverages your content in order attract, drive, engage, and convert interested prospects.

The TPM Intelligent Content Marketing (ICM) program will build your lead funnel using thought leadership tactics that promote your organization. We first take the time to understand your buyer personas, i.e. your ideal customers for whom your content marketing strategy must be aligned to. With these personas in mind, we help you design your content marketing processes to map back to buyer pain points, including website experiences and architecture to suit these needs. We also develop a content marketing strategy, complete with  keyword analysis, and create targeted and relevant content such as blogs, eBooks, eNewsletters, whitepapers, etc. for every stage of their journey.




Communicating to, with, and through your channel partners is a key component of your marketing strategy.

Each partner – from MSPs, distributors, resellers, alliance partners, agents, and other third party companies – has specific goals and needs. They also have different pain points and face a host of challenges when it comes to creating their marketing strategies, growing their audience, and boosting their business processes. The TPM Channel Marketing program helps your channel partners better identify their niche in order create and execute effective marketing campaigns. Our on-boarding programs are customized to enable your channel partners’ execute on their market technology strategy, including providing the training and sales tools needed to demonstrate their value proposition to end customers.

As part of these efforts, we help you create packaged campaigns that your partners can easily incorporate to meet the needs of specific customers– streamlining marketing efforts and driving more business.

Pivot Your Business


As competition intensifies, how will your business distinguish itself from the competition? Building a strong brand is a multi-step process, and it can be especially difficult if it requires a complete re-branding. At TPM, we have successfully helped cloud and hosting companies develop and re-develop a strong brand and a market technology strategy.

We will work together to develop a clear and well-defined messaging and positioning strategy that speaks to your organization’s “distinctive competency” – that thing you do better than anybody else. We then help you create a plan to nurture your brand and amplify your voice through appropriate key terms, key messages, and proof points. Through this planning, we enable you to boost your new brand’s credibility before, during, and after any brand pivoting.  



While many agencies focus long and hard on web design, our focus is on ensuring that web design and web development work in tandem.

Through our branding and positioning process, and armed with detailed keyword analysis, our team works with you to ensure that your website is well-designed to meet your buyers’ needs and that your website copy is suited to address their pain points. We ensure that your website is reachable and optimized across a range of devices, including desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. We will also help you market technology by creating memorable triggers of your brand through visualization, and using emotion in your web site to provoke your prospects to take action. Taken together, TPM’s web design and development efforts will allow you to make a reliable and lasting impression to and for your customers.



A strong digital strategy is built upon a strong foundation of tracking and understanding visitor engagement and behaviour.  Together, we will develop an SEO strategy that is targeted, quantifiable and focused on enhancing your online presence. As part of these efforts, we keep tabs on your website performs and identify.

A carefully crafted social media strategy will drive higher ROI in the long-term. Our experienced team will help you assess with platforms are best suited for your business, including how to leverage each digital channel for maximum value. We are on top of current search algorithms and work with you to ensure you’re your website turns up higher in results. Additionally, we help our clients successfully engage media and content distribution channels for owned, earned and paid media. Bottom line: we know how to market your technology for eyeballs and results.