Analytics is the discovery and communication of patterns in data, turning otherwise raw data into meaningful information that can be used to improve business practices.

At TPM, we are most concerned with web analytics. This may be for the direct purposes of monitoring site traffic, or for greater uses such as improving the website user experience, market research, or monitoring the benefits of advertising campaigns.

Analytics, Technologies, and Reporting Data Sources

In the digital era, data and metrics can be overwhelming. TPM typically uses and collects data from:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • HubSpot Analytics
  • Facebook Adverts and Insights
  • SocialBro Twitter Analytics
  • Moz

Our Web Analytics Reporting Process

Collection of Data: Today this is a simple process. When you add a small piece of code to your site, or simply buy into a service, data is being collected. Even if you aren’t ready to develop KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), the earlier that we can collect data the better.

Deciding on Meaningful KPIs

This is where analytics becomes useful to businesses. This stage focuses on using the data and considering how it relates to business strategies and goals. This information can then be reflected as Key Performance Indicators.

KPIs may be website-specific, including:

  • Website sessions
  • Bounce rate
  • Source of traffic
  • Time on site
  • Popular pages

They can also be demographic-based, such as:

  • Age groups
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Sectors your users are in the market for

Stripping out more of the “noise,” they can directly measure business goals with:

  • Number of sales leads
  • eBook downloads
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Products sold
  • Advertising cost of conversion

Formulating Online Strategy

By using the KPIs above, we can follow the performance of your marketing strategies at any level of granularity you choose.

Technical or content staff can use website-specific KPIs to improve site engagement or on-page content. The marketing team can use demographic information to ensure the buyer persona is correct. A high-level overview can be considered by the executive team to review their team’s campaign efforts.

Plain English Reporting

At the beginning of each month, TPM compiles relevant metrics and provides a basic one-page summary for the executive team (written by a human) that gives you a brief overview of last month’s performance and any relevant action items for the next month.

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