Channel Marketing

“If you look at how customers are buying, three-fifths of the buying cycle occurs before the prospect is even contacted,” – Is It Time to Change the Channel?

For most Cloud, hosting, and technology companies, the indirect channel has been and remains a vital part of their business. The primary goals of channel marketing are to optimize costs, expand market reach and become more efficient.

If you’re determined to create a multi-channel strategy for your company, are you confident that you’ve got the right channel partners targeted?
Do they know how to sell OpEx or are they resisting the smaller, but stickier MRR deals?
Do you have the right people in place to pull the trigger on your strategy once it’s greenlit?
Are you ready to evolve with your strategy if your channel is having difficulty getting traction?

These are all important questions that must be answered before your strategy goes live; otherwise, the results could be disastrous. When reputation is at stake, the only thing worse than not having any business is having more business than you can handle. Make no mistake: your channel partners will notice when something goes awry.

It’s the Way Companies do Business

Most IT purchasing decisions are made long before salespeople make contact with decision makers, and most companies today drive roughly 30% (and sometimes as much as 80% ) of their revenue through channel partners.

Modern social media platforms and digital marketing portals are rewriting the rules of traditional marketing. It shouldn’t be surprising that not only do consumers grade companies on their digital footprints, but your channel partners will grade you, too.

First Impressions

What’s the first thing you do when you want to find out about a new company? Most people will probably say that they Google the company. Your channel partners will want to know what you look like in cyberspace. That’s the modern-day first impression and it will be a lasting one – so it needs to look great. At Total Product Marketing, we understand the digital landscape and we’ll help you navigate it like a pro.

Before you start building your channel program, we can help you with a market and company assessment and help you answer two key questions:

Question #1:
Why would a reseller want to partner with you?

The shrewdest resellers understand the power of a long and sweeping digital reach as much as they understand the power of a sterling reputation. We’ll help potential resellers understand the benefits of partnering with you. At Total Product Marketing, our only mission is to make you look good, because that makes us look good.

Question #2
Can your resellers make money selling your product or service?

It’s much easier to sell something when you believe in it. At Total Product Marketing, our marketing professionals will help position your product or service so it shines, especially against your competition. At the end of the day, we want to make sure that a potential reseller’s only question is ‘where do I sign?’

Let Us Tell Your Story

“People like and understand stories. You can say you have the best product, but if you say so through a story, it’ll stick.”

– Guillermo Novillo, head of global acquisition marketing for Microsoft

Without being able to clearly articulate your value proposition and competitive differentiation, your channel partners are going to struggle, and ultimately they’ll be unsuccessful. We can help you in any or all of the three stages in channel management: 

  • Building the channel
  • Recruiting for the channel and
  • Enabling the channel

With over 10 years of channel marketing experience, Total Product Marketing can you help you navigate the changing landscape. The modern Cloud subscription model represents new challenges and opportunities for your channel partners. We’ll help identify both, exploiting the opportunities and tackling the challenges head-on, ultimately ensuring that your company and its channel partners are ready for success today and poised for growth tomorrow!

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