MSP and VAR Channel Marketing

For Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs), offering Cloud services to customers is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a business necessity.

Many MSPs and VARs have yet to make the transition into selling the Cloud. For these providers, competing in the cloud space requires learning new technologies – time that could otherwise be used to sell products and services.

Did you know that learning new technologies is the top challenge listed by VARs according to a recent SearchITChannel survey of North American solution providers.

Taking Advantage of our Cloud-Based Future

Yet, the Cloud isn’t going anywhere – except up. Nearly 90% of businesses today have adopted the Cloud in some capacity. Some key statistics to consider:


of senior finance executives say that the cloud is crucial to their organization’s strategies.


of IT professionals rank security as a top reason for migrating applications to the cloud.


transitioned to a cloud application so they could get up and running.


of cloud budgets are allocated to SaaS-based applications.


of supply chain cloud users reported reaching ROI at a faster rate while using a cloud application.


of worldwide mobile data traffic will be cloud applications by 2019

Driving your brand – not just your product

For those providers who have seen the value of the Cloud, standing out it in an increasingly crowded marketplace is more challenging than ever before. When it comes to MSP and VAR channel marketing, many are not doing enough to differentiate themselves in the eyes of the customer. Much of this challenge stems from relying too much on partners for marketing and branding purposes. This over-reliance has significant challenges when it comes to securing new business.

Boost your MSP and VAR Channel Marketing

According to 2016 Kaseya Global MSP Pricing, high-growth MSPs outpace their low-growth counterparts in offering cloud services by 10 percent, and in expected revenue (66 percent to 56 percent).

The channel remains more relevant than ever. From enterprises to small-and-medium businesses, MSPs and VARs have a substantial opportunity to leverage cloud-based products and services to better serve their customers.

Successful Cloud VARs and MSPs have invested in driving their brand, using their knowledge of the Cloud to offer superior customer service experiences to their clients. These MSPs and VARs know that customers want their channel partners to carry forward their earlier roles in the rapidly growing cloud market. After all, the channel has always been the critical component that puts products and solutions in the hands of customers, and provides the deep relationships that customers look forward to.

A recent CompTia survey found that more than half of end users want to make their purchases from a third-party cloud services provider.

MSP and VAR Channel Marketing to shape the market

At TPM, our MSP and VAR Channel Marketing program enables providers to drive their brand and shape the cloud re-sellers market. Our exclusive focus on the cloud provides us with an edge over other marketing companies. We understand the challenges that MSPs and VARs face as they transition into the cloud, and we know how to help your advertising stand out.

As the trusted name in marketing for MSPs and VARs, TPM will work with you to answer the top three questions your business must get right in order to succeed in a challenging cloud environment:

  • Do you know what value you bring as an MSP or a VAR in this market?
  • What is your story?
  • And how can end users really benefit from your business

We then work with you to map out a holistic marketing strategy while providing the tools and processes needed to be consistent and successful in marketing your cloud products, solutions and services to your target audiences.

It’s time to get clear on why you deserve a seat at the cloud table. Don’t go at it alone.

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