Strategy, Messaging & Positioning

At Total Product Marketing, our team works with your business to deliver lasting results. We do this by focusing on three key pillars: strategy, messaging and positioning.


Your marketing decisions need to begin with a strong strategy. We work with you to develop your most effective marketing strategy – one that’s based on sound information, clear targets, and the right messaging. Together, we will determine your organization’s unique value proposition, fine-tune your understanding of the factors that influence your customers, and identify your key competitors.


It’s not just about the key features of your products, but about the pain you can help your customer address. Our team at Total Product Marketing will work with you to get your brand messaging just right, ensuring that you communicate how your products and services can help resolve client pain.


We know that it’s not just about your product but about the experience. At Total Product Marketing, we’ll help you analyze your target market and determine what dimensions are critical to positioning your brand well ahead of the competition.

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