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Your Social Media Strategy Is Your Business Strategy

The goal is of using Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn for your brand is…

  • Not to gain 50,000 followers, share content 30 times a day, or earn more “likes” than your competitor. It might be nice, but more followers does not equal more engagement, more leads, or more sales.
  • Not to make you “good” at social media. Our goal is to align your social media efforts with your core marketing strategy and business objectives.

So what is the goal of Social Media?

We Generate Leads, Not “Likes”

Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or PPC. When you approach social media with a clear and specific target – like generating more qualified leads per month or gaining more content subscribers – you start turning strategic efforts into true returns for your business.

Social media can support your marketing goals in multiple ways:

  1. Expand the reach of content marketing campaigns
  2. Generate leads, and score their value and readiness
  3. Enhance a multi-channel customer service strategy
  4. Nurture relationships with prospects and clients
  5. Improve customer retention

Our 3 Step Approach To Effective Social Media Marketing

Step 1:

Set Goals

We identify specific business and marketing goals that you want to impact with social media, and tie them to clear metrics and achievable outcomes. For example, you may want to increase content impressions by 3% each month, or drive 10% more content downloads for a new campaign.

We get to know your target audience, and then determine what subjects and content formats are most relevant and meaningful to them.

Step 2:

Make a Plan

We craft a transparent social media plan that mixes your own branded content with a carefully curated selection of relevant blog posts, infographics, videos and more from other sources.

A typical content plan includes 50 Tweets, 10 LinkedIn posts, and 10 Facebook posts per month.

Step 3:

Design & Automate

We design and customize graphics for each social platform to accompany original social content and make it stand out.

Then we schedule the content using robust marketing automation software and monitor your resulting new followers and social interactions.

You have the option of reviewing every tweet before it goes out, or simply leaving it up to us.

Evolve With Your Audience

As your social community grows and evolves, so does your strategy. We listen to your followers and monitor every like, retweet, share, reply, and comment they give. When growth stalls, we reassess our social tactics and look for additional ways to engage followers and derive value from your social channels.

We are constantly educating ourselves on the latest trends and research in B2B social media marketing, and fine tuning our methods, so you don’t have to.

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