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TPM Is a Preferred Intelisys Business Partner

Intelisys has really high standards, which explains why it has only a few preferred strategic business partners. TPM is proud to be among the chosen few.

We work with Intelisys helping them with their marketing strategy and messaging; along with building, developing, and maintaining multiple websites. TPM designed and developed the Intelisys website as well as the Intelisys Cloud Services University.

During our partnership with Intelisys, we’ve grown to have a deep understanding of the Intelisys market and the challenges Intelisys partners and suppliers face.

This knowledge translates perfectly to allow TPM to become your strategic business partner and drive your sales growth.

Who We Are and Who We Work With

TPM is a full-service digital and strategic marketing agency. We’re singularly focused on helping cloud, hosting, and channel companies connect with their buyers.

We’re all about relationship building just as Intelisys partners are. We advise, plan and create the campaigns that align your marketing program with sales to drive the growth of your company.

Services For You

For Intelisys partners to grow— and achieve the rewards they deserve— they need savvy marketing from people well-versed in their industry. Total Product Marketing provides the  complete stack of digital marketing services for companies involved in cloud, hosting, and IT services. Our specialties include:

Lead generation
Inbound Hubspot marketing
Channel marketing
Strategy, messaging, and positioning
SEO, SEM, and social media
PPC Advertising and Remarketing
Web design, development, and maintenance

The cloud, hosting, and IT service space is crowded — very crowded.
Don’t waste time talking to marketing agencies that simply “don’t get you.”
We get the challenges you face:

And we can help you overcome them. TPM has built its business around all Intelisys partners’ goals – connecting the right customer to you.

We offer a variety of customized packages:



 Usually a two- to four-month project to help you build the marketing basics



Six- to 12-month campaigns ideal for companies ready for a burst of growth



An ongoing, multi-channel strategy for superior lead generation

We Operate The Same Way You Do:
We Build Relationships

You know how you want your customers to relate to you. You want them to see you as a trusted advisor that can help them grow their business. And, that’s how TPM works with you.

We sit down with you and chat. Together, we’ll analyze your business, discuss your requirements, and map a strategy. We become an advisor you trust, the people you work with in building your brand and your business.

TPM does its best work when you, as an Intelisys partner, and we work together regularly to help align your marketing sales teams to generate demand, drive traffic and build brand awareness. We help you build trusted advisor relationships with your customers and prospects.

This means we listen to you, understand your needs, create campaigns to meet those needs, and build a relationship with you that helps you build your relationships with your customers.

In short, we operate the same way you do with your customers. We’re not transactional; you’re not a sale — we’re your partner helping you to achieve your business goals.

Case Study Vignettes


In what’s been probably one of our most proudest accomplishments to date, TPM was instrumental in designing and developing the most comprehensive Sales Partner focused cloud university in North America today.

We’ve spent hours with the Intelisys team examining usability, copy, messaging, colors, image placement to ensure that any and all friction is removed from the site.

We’ve improved performance in the backend, we’ve maintained all the integrations, and we’ve updated for security and malware weekly (sometimes even daily). It could be said that we’ve worked hand-in-hand with all the Intelisys sales partners, indirectly, to help them drive more cloud sales across enterprises around the world.

Crystal Technologies needed help transitioning to the cloud. It was caught in its old ways and needed to get into a new market, which included rebranding, repositioning, and a refresh of its messaging.

TPM sat down with Crystal Technologies and mapped out a game plan, that included:

Content marketing strategies
Buyer understanding
And above all, a brand new site that could help convert and create its new cloud presence.


Rebranded company
Pivoted business to the cloud
Initiated an on-going digital marketing strategy


Rather than explain the nitty gritty details, here’s what Brian Leonard, Director, Marketing, had to say about our efforts in making the PPC/Remarketing campaign a smashing success:

“As you know, paid ads can be a venue to waste a TON of money.  Intelisys began working with TPM in 2014 and they manage the PPC and remarketing for iCSU (which means driving traffic and getting downloads and results for 35 different supplier sponsors.  It was a HUGE undertaking).

TPM has absolutely crushed it…and I was very skeptical that anybody could.  I’ve always gotten 125% of what I’ve paid for with Total Product Marketing.  Always.”



TPM developed UnitedLayer’s digital presence from the ground up. This included a new site built on Drupal CMS, Hubpsot marketing and nurturing, video testimonials and a content marketing strategy that ultimately generated a 37% increase in traffic and 14% increase in leads over a 9 month period*.


increase in traffic


increase in leads

TPM built a deep cloud resource library as well as developed a 12-class cloud academy for partners.

*Note: TPM no longer provides services to UnitedLayer



Why Intelisys Partners Want to Work with TPM

As an Intelisys sales partner, you understand the value and reputation of the company.

And, as a preferred Intelisys business partner, they trust TPM for all their marketing needs — so you can too. 

Give us a call at 855-646-8622 or

We trust TPM to design and develop high converting sites. Sure they understand the technical aspects of site design, but it is refreshing to experience how deeply they understand real marketing and lead-gen fundamentals and psychology behind everything they do. That’s why they built both our Intelisys Cloud Services University and our main site at With their knowledge of the Cloud and Channel , TPM is a true business partner to Intelisys. They’ve over delivered on everything we’ve done with them.
testimonial author
Brian Leonard
Director of Marketing, Intelisys