Why Choose Us?

Total Product Marketing understands Cloud, Hosting & Technology

  • You are a founder-led start up with absolutely no marketing personnel.
  • You’ve enjoyed early growth but it’s time to get serious and differentiate – AWS isn’t going away anytime soon.
  • You are an established player in your industry going through a transition or are in need of veteran presence to provide some high-quality volume to your marketing and lead generation efforts.

All good reasons for needing Total Product Marketing services. We live, eat and breathe Cloud, Hosting and technology. We spend time learning about PCI and HIPAA. We understand application optimization. Desktop-as-a-Service? Yes, we believe it’s coming on strong.

Whatever your situation, there will be times when you have an urgent need for a “burst” of senior-level hands-on-help. We’re ready for you.

Your Unique Message is Not Being Heard

“Marketing” doesn’t simply mean sending out a press release or an email blast announcing that your product is available. Though we can do that for you.
It means figuring out your business objectives and constraints (like budget/personnel/time frames) and then orchestrating the appropriate marketing tactics that will drive sales and increase customers.

Let’s Talk About:

  • If a comprehensive content marketing program, educating your prospects with valuable information makes sense.
  • Whether you need more differentiation or a rethinking of your messaging.
  • How channel marketing can help your organization generate a regular flow of leads.
  • Your branding and public relations efforts. Are you having trouble getting heard?

Creating customized marketing programs is not rocket science. But it takes an understanding of your business challenges, the available marketing tactics and a ton of elbow grease to make it all happen.

Total Product Marketing can help.

Proven Sales and Channel Marketing Experience

We have 16 years experience in product marketing, channel development and sales with technology companies.

  • We’ve managed development teams in both North America and India in both Agile and Waterfall methodologies making winning product decisions. We understand what it takes to build products that delight your customers, as we’ve been a part of over 20 major software releases.
  • We’ve run channel sales and marketing programs, collaborated on road shows, and helped build and train in sales teams. And we even understand the pain of cold calling (yes, never again!) The products we’ve managed have ranged from recurring revenue of zero (ahhh, yes, the reality of a startup) to over $27 million in annual recurring revenues.
  • We’re comfortable dealing directly with customers and partner and building personal relationships. And we’re not afraid to ask for opinions and change gears when something isn’t working for you or your customers.

What matters most is the results that we deliver for you.

We’re Fun and Don’t Take Ourselves Too Seriously!

In the end, people do business with other people. And we like to have fun while we’re doing it! We’re totally serious about sharpening our craft. But if you were ever eavesdropping on some of our conversations, you’d hear us talking about:

  • Really nice stationery. That tactile-ness. The smell. The look and feel.
  • Did we ever mention that we just love wandering around Staples? Yah, we’re weird.
  • Well designed stuff. Things that don’t go out of style and feel good in your hands. The classic raincoat (we are in Vancouver, Canada after all), a weighty dinner fork, an armchair that looks new but could have been a hand-me-down from your grandmother.
  • Sushi. Actually how we all want more sushi. All the time. And how we’d plan our vacations around sushi if we won the lottery.
  • Hot dog carts and the condiment selections. Have you bought a hot dog from a vendor just because he had the best condiments? We have.
  • The TV show “Modern Family”. Gosh, a few of us really, really love that show.

So, let’s have some fun. Call us!

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