How TPM Helped Babbl Create a Digital-First Strategy Designed for Rapid Growth

Since launching its home internet service in BC in 2021, Babbl has been transforming the way British Columbians get online. With a bold vision for growth, Babbl turned to TPM for help building an attention-grabbing digital marketing strategy.

The Background

Access to high-speed home internet is now a de facto part of life for many Canadians. Whether it’s a stable connection for working from home or the ability to binge the latest season of Stranger Things, internet access at home is now as ubiquitous a part of life as having a couch or a fridge.

Unfortunately for Canadians, Canada has some of the highest home internet costs in the world. In fact, Canada currently has the second most expensive internet among G7 countries with speeds over 41 Mbps. These high rates can largely be attributed to the lack of competition in the Canadian home internet market, which is currently dominated by Bell, Rogers, Telus, Shaw, and Quebecor — who control a combined 75% of the country’s residential internet market.

Frustrated by the lack of competition and sky-high home internet rates, Vancouver-based entrepreneur Jason Speers set out to make a difference — and Babbl Communications was born. Realizing that today’s customers want personalization and ease of use, Jason designed Babbl to be digital-first, empowering customers to self-serve while ensuring the company’s agility.

The Challenge

Jason knew that to bring his digital-first vision to life, he needed a holistic digital strategy that established Babbl’s online presence as the default way customers would interact with the company. To achieve that, Jason needed an experienced digital marketing team with comprehensive go-to-market experience and strategic expertise to help him build his brand.

After learning about TPM’s deep digital experience and technology-focused background, Jason put his fledgling business in the agency’s hands.

“TPM has been critical in helping Babbl achieve its vision of providing a digital-first home internet experience to its customers and has been a key partner as we continue to expand throughout BC.”
Jason Speers
President & Founder, Babbl

The Solution

Following an initial strategy meeting, TPM began work on helping Babbl define its digital-first strategy, including audience, messaging, and desired outcome.


Home internet users across BC with usage needs between 45 Mbps and 250 Mbps


Position Babbl Communications as a fresh, flexible, affordable alternative to other residential internet providers


Successfully convert home internet users in BC to Babbl Communications

Designing a Concept

With the marketing strategy established, TPM began work on a digital marketing concept that would help Babbl increase brand awareness with its target audience. To ensure the approach achieved the desired outcomes, TPM applied its XYZABC Methodology to help Babbl’s potential customers understand:

Creating a Brand Image

To achieve these goals, TPM created a brand image for Babbl that communicated its core offering as an approachable, fresh take on residential internet. This stage included building a comprehensive suite of assets, including the company logo and a diverse set of characters to be featured throughout Babbl’s digital experience. Our logo design was built to convey the approachable, light-hearted, friendly, and communicative nature of Babbl. A dialogue bubble graphic with “hey Babbl” overlaid helped create the sense of a fun, two-way conversation.
With the brand image defined, TPM then set to work on designing and building a website for Babbl that executed on the brand’s plans, highlighted its differentiators, and provided customers with an easy way to sign up.

Building Awareness

In addition to the branding and site design and development, TPM also spearheaded a range of digital marketing initiatives to help Babbl build awareness among its target audience:

Including Analog

The digital-first strategy TPM was developing for Babbl didn’t overlook the impact of analog channels.
To ensure the message reached a broad audience, we also helped Babbl spread the word using non-digital media.

The Results

Since partnering with TPM, Babbl has achieved significant growth across its targeted BC markets.
As a key partner in Babbl’s expansion plans, TPM played a vital role in ensuring Babbl’s messaging reached its audience to establish Babbl as “the freshest home internet in western BC.”
Partnering with TPM, Babbl has achieved significant growth from Q4 2021 through Q1 2022:
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impressions across paid social
0 +
impressions across organic social
0 +
URL clicks on organic social
0 %
increase in lead capture
0 %
growth in customers

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