Set Your Marketing to Automation

Get marketing automation designed to enable and empower your team.

If you’re not automating your marketing, you’re working too hard.

AI and automation are everywhere these days, and for good reason. Savvy marketers are using automated tools and platforms to streamline their workload and ensure their efforts can scale as needed.

What Is a Marketing Automation Platform?

In a nutshell, marketing automation is a tool that helps B2B marketers streamline digital marketing efforts, drive lead generation, and elevate the customer experience. It relies on software and strategies that automate repetitive tasks so that even a small team can nurture prospects to conversion with valuable content personalized to their journey.

The Benefits of Marketing Automation Software

Marketing automation is the modern marketer’s BFF. Here are just a few of its benefits:
Intelligent business decisions

Packed with data insights and useful metrics, marketing automation software shows marketers not only where to strike, but when and how.

Expanded market reach

Marketing automation software allows you to capture a broader market than possible with traditional marketing strategies.

Time and money savings

Time and money are two things every marketer could use more of. Marketing automation tools let you build, execute, and analyze those campaigns with ease.

Better links between sales and marketing

Marketing automation can help you eliminate silos between teams to help your departments work better together and win more business.

Do You Need Marketing Automation?

Some organizations question the value of marketing automation tools at first. They might have ventured as far as using something like MailChimp or Google Analytics, for example, and they can’t see the difference between those tools and a marketing automation platform.

There are a couple of key differences:

The Features

Marketing automation platforms like Hubspot are continually adding new features, but here are just a few that your organization can benefit from:

Our Marketing Automation Services

Marketing automation software isn’t the answer to your problems — it’s a tool. And it’s only as useful or useless as you make it. That’s why you need an experienced team who can set it up and help you monitor your campaigns, so they are effective and successful. With Total Product Marketing by your side, you’ll get the strategic, creative, and technical expertise you need to fuel your marketing automation.

Automation Platform Deployment

We’re a HubSpot Certified Partner, and we know this popular marketing automation platform inside and out. But we work with a range of automation platforms to suit client needs. We’ll help you design, develop, create, and automate marketing campaigns to ensure you succeed.

Lead Generation

At its core, marketing automation aims to help you sell more. Our services will help you capture, nurture, and qualify leads that your sales team can then follow up with prospects to close the deal.

User Personas Development

Before you can sell to a customer, you need to know who they are. Our marketing services will track all activity on your website and build user personas based on that analysis. From there, we’ll help you use those personas to create personalized web experiences designed to delight your customers.

Tracking and Analysis

To know where you’re going, you need to see where you’ve been. Our tracking and analysis services will help you measure the effectiveness of past marketing campaigns. Better yet, you’ll be able to use these insights to make the best decisions for your future campaigns.

Crystal Clear Reporting

Our easy-to-read reports will give you the metrics you need to sell more. With metrics broken down by channel, you’ll see where you’re doing well and where you can improve to reach your sales goals with speed.

Ongoing Support

Don’t want to take over the marketing automation reins? No worries! Our ongoing support services have you covered — providing you with the campaign backup you need to set those marketing goals on fire.

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