TPM Case Studies

What kind of marketing agency would we be if we didn’t promote our own work?

At TPM, we take pride in our ability to help our clients achieve their marketing goals. Our deep understanding of the B2B tech world and our innovative in-house marketing methodology has helped us deliver superior results for a broad range of major brands.

Check out these snapshots of work we’ve done to help B2B companies in fields like Software-as-a-Service, ecommerce, fintech, and cloud hosting showcase their products and build a reputation for excellence in their industry.

PayPal: A bold idea to revolutionize mobile commerce

PayPal wanted to create a global community of ecommerce merchants and payment platform system integrators to collaborate on increasing mobile commerce sales.

Turnium: Not just another SASE site

When Turnium TTGI consolidated Multapplied, their white label brand, and their Turnium SD-WAN- as-as-service solution, they wanted a website that really stood out from the crowd.

Digibee: Bringing an iPaaS platform to North America

After raising $25 million in its Series A funding round to bring its iPaaS to the US market, Digibee needed to establish a US brand and educate the market on what it could do.

Synctera: Connecting US banks and fintech brands

Synctera raised $33 million in their Series A round and had to bring their solution to market, fast – but lacked the resources to make their vision a reality.

fabric: Taking messaging from zero to 100

The nearly $300 million Fabric raised in early VC rounds put them under immense pressure to scale up their message to meet their potential.
Squirrel POS Case Study

Squirrel: Merging Legacy and Cloud with Creative Marketing

An established POS provider in the hospitality sector, Squirrel ran into a messaging wall when they launched a new cloud-based solution.

PayPal: An on-demand extended marketing team

The demand on PayPal’s internal marketing teams fluctuates throughout the fiscal year, so TPM joins their team as needed to produce sales enablement assets, partner marketing content, and even internal communications.

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