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Campaigns, Content and Lead Gen that fit your Budget and Timeline

Our Hybrid Marketing Services Still Start with a Deep Understanding of Your Business

We’re not gonna lie. We like to get to know our clients. Using AI won’t change that.

Our hybrid (AI + human) marketing package still kicks off with SME interviews and spending time to understand your wins, losses, and buyers to deliver a personalized marketing plan.

And then we turbo-charge the process.

Anyone Can Prompt an AI Bot

Efficiency often comes at the expense of quality. But it takes a deep understanding of both AI technology and marketing strategy to access all the benefits AI marketing tools can offer.

Our Solutions

Choose the solution that best suits your needs and long-term marketing goals:

Solution 1

Full-Service (AI + Human)

The best AI marketing tools can produce content that’s 80% as good as skilled marketers.

We bring that up to 100%.

We produce personalized, high-quality content and campaigns — but at a lower cost than our standard packages.

What you gain:

Solution 2

AI Tech Stack Consulting

Maybe you’d rather use AI tools to bring your marketing in-house, but aren’t sure which tools to use.

Our experts are here for you.

We’ve got the experience and knowledge to guide you as you select and onboard new tools based on your marketing goals.

What you gain:

We’re Invested in AI, For You.

TPM is committing a ton of hours to continually experiment with new and existing AI tools to identify their strengths, weaknesses, potential, and limitations. Why? So that we can deliver what you need: Campaigns, Content and Lead Gen.

Our Expertise Runs Deep

You can see some of our past and ongoing experiments at:

Sample Hybrid AI Packages

Legacy Revival

Got an old ebook whose formerly high performance is slipping? Our team will refresh and update your content and build a comprehensive campaign to give it new life.

Quick Campaign

Don’t have high-value assets? We’ll build one killer asset and provide all the content you need to get it in front of your audience.

Social Boost

You’ve built it, but they haven’t come. Our hybrid team will develop the perfect campaign to help that killer asset shine.

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