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Lead Generation

Get the lead generation guide that will help you crush your goals this year.
TPM’s Ultimate Lead-Gen Kit

Everything You Need to Hit Your Lead-Generation Goals

Lead generation plays a vital role in the growth and success of any business — yet it’s one of the tasks marketers struggle with most. Until now. Get easy-to-follow guidance, templates, AI prompts and secret strategies in our Ultimate Lead-Gen Kit.

Sales Enablement

Assets that will help you streamline the sales process and accelerate revenue growth.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle and Boost Business Results

Take a deep dive into sales enablement, the strategic framework you need to improve sales performance and drive impact across your go-to-market strategy. This 13-section ebook is your go-to resource to learn all about this powerful sales approach.

Hit the Ground Running with TPM’s Proven Sales Enablement Framework

Are you tasked with the challenge of making salespeople more efficient? Are you trying to figure out what parts of your organization are broken? If so, this playbook is for you. We make it easy to uncover, from A to Z, your organization’s sales enablement readiness and maturity and figure out exactly what you need to put a strategy in place.

Achieve Sales Excellence with Sales Enablement

Implementing sales enablement can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. This playbook gives you a step-by-step breakdown of how to execute a sales enablement strategy from scratch. It’s our tested method of equipping your sales teams with the content, tools, and training they need to sell effectively and increase results.
Looking for a sales enablement resource you can bookmark for later? Check out our comprehensive collection of blogs to help you on your journey!

Partner Marketing

Navigate the world of channel marketing and build content and campaigns that partners will love.
Is Your Channel Marketing Program Boosting Your Business?

Partner Marketing Playbook

Are your partner marketing campaigns killing it — or are you throwing away money on a strategy that’s not delivering? Learn the secrets to selecting the right partners, getting them to engage, and effectively measuring the ROI of partner marketing in our playbook.
Looking for more on Partner Marketing? Check out our individual blog posts to set you on the right path.


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Turnium’s CMO on TPM

Geoff Hultin provides insights into the creativity of the TPM team. See where TPM shines with messaging and positioning analysis; the tactical deliveries around SEM, SEO, and HubSpot; and the excitement around the Turnium re-brand that was flawlessly executed.

Customer Stories

See how our customers have benefited from TPM services.

Educational Assets

All the other ultra-value pieces we have to offer.

Digital Customer Experience Map for Effective Lead Generation

A winning digital CX strategy combines the benefits of all B2B lead generation tools to provide value to your audience. But what does that look like? Let our marketing map serve as your guide when planning campaigns to convert strangers to customers by nurturing them through their journey.

Complete B2B SEO Guide to Target Higher Quality Leads

Complete B2B SEO Guide to Target Higher Quality Leads We believe that SEO for the sake of high quantity, low quality traffic is almost useless for marketing. Thus, we created a guide so B2B organizations can engage with the right audience, sooner.

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