Marketing Strategy

We build customer-focused marketing strategies that drive business results.

Whatever your industry, location, size, age, or stage — you need a marketing strategy that’s built with your business goals in mind.

Gorgeous designs and compelling content mean nothing if you don’t have a strategy in place. We’ll help focus your efforts in a way that facilitates sustained profitable growth.

What We Do

We kick-start your project by developing a clear understanding of your business, customers, markets, and competitors. This includes gathering input from external sources (like third-party market research and customers) as well as conducting competitive analysis and an internal audit to gather as much insight as needed. Our strategy ensures your plans are comprehensive and strategic to help you meet your acquisition, retention, and go-to-market goals.

Market Research

The data gathered in this research stage provides the insights you need to move forward with confidence.
We conduct primary market research (quantitative and qualitative studies) and secondary market research (analyst reports, competitive landscape, market sizing) to inform strategy and planning. We also work with your internal teams to gain an inside-out perspective.

Marketing Plans

Our experts can manage all aspects of your marketing strategy, from developing the plans to executing on the deliverables, depending on your needs.

Whether your strategy involves a mass marketing approach, a more targeted account-based marketing approach, or somewhere in between, TPM can help.

Our team will develop and implement your plan across all channels, from traditional to digital media based on your objectives and budget. Plans are tailored to each organization but typically include:

How Can We Help?

We’d love to jump on a call and talk about how we can help you succeed. We’re pretty much online 24-7 so we’ll get back to you really quickly.
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