Your Brand Is More Than Just A Logo

Branding builds the emotional connection that keeps customers engaged with everything you do.

Where Creative Vision Meets Strategic Thinking

Why Branding Matters

Your brand is everything that gives you a distinct and immediately recognizable identity. It’s what sets you apart and connects your customers to what you do. Your brand is more than your logo, colours, and messaging – it’s a story that engages your customers and drives your growth.

Our Branding & Design Services

Your organization has a story to tell. From developing strategy to creating all those wonderful visual components that bring your brand to life — we’re here to help you make your vision a reality. Our strategic branding services include:

Brand Strategy & Emotional Branding

This is where your brand begins. Starting with strategy workshops, we help define the essence of who you are and the emotion you want your audience to feel when they think about you. From there, we’ll formulate a strategy that will give us the framework for your entire brand.

Brand Creation

With your brand strategy in hand, we set to work building out the messaging behind your brand. This is where your brand begins to take shape — setting a clear definition of who you are.

Logo and Aesthetic Design

And now for the real fun — creating the look and feel for your brand. Drawing from your brand strategy and messaging, we develop the visual elements that bring your brand to life, including your logo, iconography, typography, website, and more.

Brand Kit

Once your brand strategy and visual elements are complete, we’ll create guidelines to ensure everyone on your team knows how to use those elements and communicate your brand.


Infographics are a powerful way to get your message across in a simple and easy-to-digest visual format. We’re on hand to help you create infographics of any size for whatever campaigns or projects you have in mind.

Ongoing Brand Management

Your brand is a living entity that requires constant support to ensure it’s hitting the mark in all that you do. We’ll help you keep messaging and visuals in perfect shape as your business grows and evolves.

How we helped transform PayPal’s idea into a strategic and branded campaign.

PayPal came to us with an incredible idea, but to bring it to market they needed a strategic vision and digital campaign that would resonate with their audience. Read how we did it in our full case study.

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