Content is Always King

TPM’s Intelligent Content Marketing helps you build engaging content and drive lead generation and conversion.

Everyone is doing content marketing these days. But few are doing it right.

Our Intelligent Content Marketing program is designed to fill your lead funnel through thought leadership tactics and smart execution via multiple marketing channels.

Our modern designs, sharp marketing copy, and lead generation methodology are guaranteed to increase conversion rates and, ultimately, help you drive tangible business results.

Stand out from the crowd with Intelligent Content Marketing.

Content marketing drives all other channels of marketing — search engine optimization, paid search, social media, and public relationships. That’s why we always hear the term “content is king.” TPM’s Intelligent Content Marketing’s repeatable, proven model will help you drive better lead generation, engagement, and conversion.

Step 1

We’ll guide you through our XYZABC methodology to hone your message, positioning, target audience, and business goals.

Step 2

We’ll take inventory of current assets and activity and build a plan for refreshing, creating, and distributing your content.

Step 3

We’ll develop a lead generation delivery model to meet and exceed your business goals.

Marketing Content That Converts

For you to achieve your goal (conversion), prospects must first achieve theirs. People want to be entertained, informed, and educated. Great content facilitates this — it attracts the right people, engages them with entertaining, informative, or educational content — and ultimately converts them.

TPM Content Formats

These are some of our favourite forms, but we can work with your team to build content that fits your audience best.


For savvy marketers, an eBook is an opportunity to provide a high-value piece of content in exchange for prospective customer data. TPM helps you build technical and non-technical eBooks that resonate with your audience — and drive leads.


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Blog Posts

Blogging is integral to your online content marketing strategy as it helps drive traffic to your website, increase your SEO / Search Engine Results (pages) ranking, and position your brand as an authority on a particular subject.

TPM can help with:

Content Planning

When your brain is not quite storming with new blog content ideas, TPM brings the rain. Our team of experts researches the market and helps you build a plan to hit your top-of-funnel goals.


Our content team crafts blog posts that will engage your audience. You review and provide feedback to perfect your message.

Custom Visuals

Our talented team of designers creates or sources custom visuals that enhance your message and increase your virtual curb appeal.

Sales Collateral

Your sales team relies on your support in the field. Brochures, sell sheets, customer-facing presentations, and other sales collateral help them tell their story succinctly. They also serve as great follow-up pieces after a sales meeting or event.

TPM can help you build beautiful sales collateral that clearly articulates how your solutions address your customer pain points.

MBS Secure

Social Media

When you approach social media with a specific target — like generating more qualified leads per month or gaining more content subscribers — you can unlock true value for your business. Executed correctly, social media produces nearly double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail, or Pay Per Click (advertising).

We tackle your social media content in three simple steps:

1: Build Your Social Media Strategy

Outline specific business and marketing goals, tie them to clear metrics and achievable outcomes, and identify your target audience

2: Create Your Plan

Build a content plan, decide on the right social networks for your brand and audience, and blend your own content with a curated selection of content from other sources

3: Design and Schedule

Design customized graphics for each social platform, schedule the content and send for review, if required, monitor and report on your success

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