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TPM & PayPal: A Marketing Match Made in Heaven

Since 2018, Total Product Marketing has served as an on-demand extension of PayPal’s internal marketing teams, stepping in to support them on groundbreaking initiatives and tactical campaigns when needs exceed resources. Our team has helped PayPal create innovative product marketing campaigns, practical sales enablement tools, compelling partner marketing content, and even internal communications.

Here are just a few examples of projects we’ve developed in collaboration with PayPal teams.

Product Marketing

Product marketing is where TPM started, and we were happy to help PayPal bring these exciting campaigns to life.

Zettle North America Launch
Beta Launch Document
Sell Sheet

Zettle North America Launch

From beta testing to creating partner and sales enablement assets to the launch of Zettle in North America, TPM helped PayPal hone content and develop compelling, on-brand materials.

Cashier Guides

In a bid to encourage the use of PayPal and Venmo in physical stores, TPM worked with PayPal to create guides to walk cashiers and customers through paying for their purchases with the app.

Sales Enablement

PayPal’s diverse portfolio of products means an array of sales teams working with channel partners and clients need support.

High-Value Merchants Cross-Selling Playbook

PayPal estimated that between ¼ and ½ of PayPal merchants were unaware of the full suite of products available to them through their accounts – meaning they, their system integrators, and PayPal itself were missing out on significant amounts of revenue. TPM helped develop a comprehensive guide to help sales reps communicate and address this issue with System Integrators.

Hyperwallet Refresh

The sales enablement team required a design and messaging refresh on a suite of Hyperwallet content. They collaborated with TPM to deliver a range of revised content turned around in a little over one month.

Global Accounts Ramp Playbook

PayPal’s global accounts team needed to enable their largest merchants to ramp up PayPal usage quickly. They workshopped ramp processes but needed a way to document the steps for cross-team accountability. TPM helped PayPal organize the process map and create checklists and timelines, and then combined all the information into an easy-to-use interactive playbook.

User Agreement FAQs and Snapshots

PayPal needed a way to clearly communicate complex changes in multiple user agreements to CSMs serving merchants in countries around the world. TPM developed regional “snapshots” to provide an overview of changes by region and FAQs with clear, concise explanations of the changes and their effects.

Channel Marketing

PayPal’s diverse portfolio of products means an array of sales teams working with channel partners and clients need support.

The Merchant Attach Program

The sales enablement and partner teams at PayPal commissioned TPM for an ongoing project aimed at selling or upselling to merchants working with PayPal’s largest ecommerce integration partners, like BigCommerce, SAP, Magento, and others. Our team created integration guides, sales plays, merchant-facing sell sheets, and other assets based on data collected from the partners involved.


The work to engage and delight new clients doesn’t stop once a contract is signed. TPM also creates assets to ensure the onboarding experience is a smooth one.

High-Risk Vertical Onboarding Guides

PayPal tasked TPM with building new digital onboarding guides for merchants in high-risk verticals like Insurance, Education, Pharma, and Gaming. Our team identified challenges and pain points for each vertical and created standardized onboarding workflows presented in an interactive format.

Internal Communications

In an organization as large as PayPal, the quality of internal communications can be just as important as customer-facing sales and marketing assets.

Landing Page

OneVoice Challenge Campaign

PayPal came up with a creative program to encourage salespeople to share their version of the PayPal story via a contest inspired by shows like America’s Got Talent.
TPM helped develop several design concepts and assisted with the creation of promotional material and communications.

Monthly Newsletters

When PayPal’s internal communications required a refresh, the team connected with TPM for a fresh look and feel and punchy copy.

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