3 of Our Best Co-Marketing Campaigns That Hit The Mark

B2B Partner Marketing Campaigns

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about the value of co-marketing and how to create effective co-branded partner marketing campaigns. In this post, we’re taking a break from giving advice and instead offering some inspiration – examples of some of the best co-marketing campaigns TPM has produced for one of our favourite clients. After all, who doesn’t like a little inspiration from time to time?

All these examples come from projects we worked on with Adobe and their partners in the ecommerce space. While each of these partnership campaigns is vastly different, they all demonstrate the power that the best co-marketing campaigns have in the B2B space – helping brands reach new audiences and boost the bottom line. Let’s dive in.

Example 1: The Mystery of Who Killed Mr. Profits

The Mystery of Who Killed Mr. Profits was a campaign we launched for Adobe and Magento commerce (now Adobe Commerce) to help digital merchants identify common profit killers and learn best practices to maximize ecommerce conversions – something the typical online retailer spends a lot of time working on.

The Adobe/Magento partner network was ideally suited to help merchants address these challenges, and wanted a B2B marketing campaign to help share their expertise in a succinct and entertaining way.

Magento’s The Mystery of Who Killed Mr. Profits

What We Did

Working with Adobe, Magento, and 16 of their ecosystem partners, our team built a creative B2B marketing campaign that highlighted the most common ecommerce profit killers and offered actionable tips to help merchants avoid them.

Inspired by the iconic board game Clue, we conceived a murder mystery campaign centred on the death of “Mr. Profits.” Detective Adobe-Magento, the lead investigator, walked readers through a series of suspects and clues related to the murder, offering expert advice from partners based on their own competencies. For example:

PayPal contributed insights into digital checkout issues that could harm sales with a series of questions merchants could use to evaluate their own systems, and witness testimony from jewelry firm Catbird NYC.

TaxJar, a tax automation solution, guided merchants through different ways tax rules could affect sales, providing examples from its client Kornerstone Credit.

Sinifyd provided insights to help users better identify and reduce fraudulent transaction, with proof points from furniture giant Structube, a major Signifyd client.

Magento The Mystery of Who Killed Mr. Profits Social Media

Given the diversity of the companies’ merchant audience, two sub-campaigns were created (set against different murder mystery backgrounds) to highlight the unique challenges faced by both enterprise and growth-stage merchant groups.

The B2B marketing campaign launched through a variety of deliverables, including:

Example 2: The Journey of a Gift Campaign

Another of our favourite partner marketing examples, The Journey of a Gift campaign was designed to provide ecommerce retailers a roadmap to success in the 2019 holiday shopping season – and to generate leads for nine of Adobe and Magento’s ecosystem partners.

Magento Journey of A Gift

What We Did

In an effort to help digital retailers put their best foot forward for their busiest time of year, Adobe and Magento tapped TPM to create a clever holiday-themed guide to advise merchants on ecommerce site optimization best practices. We delivered a creative campaign plan that clearly illustrated how each partner could help online retailers drive superior customer experiences.

The campaign depicted the various stages a product (the “gift” in the title) passes through before reaching the buyer, with each ecosystem partner contributing to a different stage of that journey. The end result was a series of deliverables featuring whimsical holiday season storytelling, playful illustrations, real-life customer stories, and insights gleaned from interviews with each of the campaign partners.

Each partner received a custom copy of the ebook with their own promotional material to generate leaders for their business.

The Journey of a Gift content included:

The Results:

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Net New Names

Example 3: Ecommerce 2020: The Future is Now

The last example of our best co-marketing campaigns – the Future is Now – was created to help merchants and system integrators understand ecommerce trends and best practices for 2020 and beyond.

eCommerce 2020: The Future is Now

Adobe and Magento wanted to kick off 2020 with an innovative campaign. They tapped TPM to create a guide offering merchants practical advice for succeeding in the year to come and beyond. The guide featured inputs from 14 partners within the Adobe-Magento ecosystem, including:

What We Did

Putting a fresh twist on regular New Year’s trend campaigns, TPM worked with all the partners to develop a 20-page interactive ebook.

eCommerce 2020: The Future is Now

The Future is Now shared tips and strategies to help merchants navigate the future of ecommerce, leveraging real-life anecdotes from online retailers who had successfully overcome some of the industry’s most pressing challenges. The specific deliverables of the campaign included:

Want to Start Building the Best Co-Marketing Campaigns?

At TPM, we specialize in building B2B marketing campaigns that deliver results. If you’re been inspired by these partner marketing examples and want help launching your own innovative co-branded campaign, we can help. Download our Partner Marketing Playbook for more insights on what we do, or contact us to discuss your needs.

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