How we helped Hirematic build a strong brand and launch its AI-powered multi-channel job ad platform


Created killer messaging and positioned Hirematic as a clear leader to its target audiences
Launched a beautiful new website and brand in just 3 months
Created content marketing, social media, and digital marketing campaigns that reached over 1M users
Achieved a 6% CTR on ad content — a 500% improvement on the industry average

The Hirematic Story

Hirematic’s parent company, Jobtome, has been matching great businesses with exceptional job candidates for over a decade.

When the Jobtome team identified challenges in finding and hiring top talent while maintaining a low cost per application, they realised that no solution existed — so they founded Hirematic to build one from the ground up.

Hirematic was built using intelligent recruiting algorithms that — combined with its talented job ad experts — can help companies achieve the best ad performance at the lowest price by distributing and optimising job ads and budget across Hirematic’s vast network of recruiting channels.

They had an awesome solution, but they needed help creating their brand and product stories and bringing their innovation to market. That’s where TPM came in.

How TPM Helped

As with most start-ups, Hirematic had yet to build its marketing function. It initially engaged TPM to help build the website but, after experiencing TPM’s proficiency in product and content marketing, the team extended the engagement with TPM to help set up its marketing automation system, run its content and digital marketing programs, and manage its paid ads campaigns.
"Working with TPM has been an absolute game-changer for us at Hirematic. They brought a ton of creativity and energy to the table, consistently going above and beyond to help us nail our lead generation and content production goals.”

Product Marketing:
Messaging & Positioning

Before embarking on any new engagement, TPM conducts a discovery session using our proprietary XYZABC messaging methodology to define target audiences and industries, value propositions, unique differentiators, and opportunities.

With these insights, we worked collaboratively with Hirematic, creating brand and product messaging that speaks to the distinct personas and pain points within each segment, while maintaining strong core messaging throughout.

Website Development & Launch

Using our newly honed messaging, TPM created a website architecture and crafted content for each section. We worked collaboratively with the Hirematic team to ensure their intended messages were landing clearly and creatively before moving on to design.

The TPM design team consulted with Hirematic and created several concepts for the team to consider. The Hirematic team selected the elements they liked and we iterated until everyone was pleased with the result.

Hirematic Website Development & Launch

Our web designers got to work and turned around Hirematic’s beautiful new website in just three months. They then got busy optimising the site for SEM and SEO.

Within the first 6 months of our engagement, we were on the front page of Google for the client’s main keywords, high volume recruiting metrics, and ranking for secondary keywords including:

optimizing SEO for site

Content Marketing Programs

TPM created a content strategy and delivered regular blog posts, social media content, case studies, videos, and lead-generating eBooks and guides to help position Hirematic as a thought leader in their field.

Our content team liaised weekly with the Hirematic team to stay on top of industry trends and write meaningful content to help salespeople engage with prospects on LinkedIn and by email.

In addition to enabling salespeople with content, our objective was to optimise awareness amongst target audiences within key industries through organic SEO, digital advertising, and automated email nurture campaigns.

Hirematic Blog
Vibrant blog with timely content about current industry trends helped with sales engagement, marketing nurture campaigns, and SEO

Content Marketing Programs

High-value downloadable content helped as lead magnets in digital ad campaigns
Hirematic Amazon Case Study
Hirematic Amazon Case Study
Compelling case studies and videos helped Hirematic close new sales
Amazon Videos*
0 +
*Full version and teaser version
Ferrero Videos*
0 +
*Full version and teaser version

Hubspot Sales and Marketing

TPM helped the Hirematic team set up HubSpot Marketing Hub and HubSpot Sales Hub, providing expertise and implementation services and working with them as a strategic partner to help them achieve their business goals.

TPM also created a sales process playbook, so new team members could ramp up quickly.

Hubspot Sales and Marketing for Hirematic

Standing Up Social Media

Hirematic needed a solid social media presence to lend credibility to its marketing and sales efforts. However, the team didn’t have the resources to manage social media channels themselves. TPM stepped up to create Hirematic’s LinkedIn profile, uplevel the team members’ personal social media profiles, and manage all brand content scheduled on Hirematic’s LinkedIn channel.

TPM created a strong brand on LinkedIn and helped kickstart Hirematic’s social media follower and engagement growth with eye-catching content
Hirematic’s LinkedIn profile
“TPM was not just a service provider but a true partner, playing a pivotal role in optimising our online ad spend and driving our success. We're super thankful for their contributions and would recommend them in a heartbeat to anyone looking to turbocharge their marketing efforts!"

Driving Demand with Paid Advertising

As all of the pieces of Hirematic’s brand puzzle fell into place, the team recognised the need to add some fuel to the fire to supercharge its brand awareness and lead generation.

TPM’s digital marketing team took the lead, creating a smart and efficient paid ads strategy that would ensure Hirematic filled its pipeline without overspending on poor-quality leads. It created ultra-targeted campaigns for Hirematic’s three core audiences:

Staffing Agencies and RPOs
Global Recruiters
Digital Ad Agencies
Over the course of the one-year engagement, the TPM team delivered 14 ad campaigns across LinkedIn and Google with over 50 ad sets and 600 ads, testing different content pieces and ad sets to optimise each campaign to achieve thae best results in the most efficient way.
Reached over
0 M+
ad clicks
sales-qualified leads

Highlite Platform: Google Ads

$ 0
$ 0

Our cost per lead was incredibly efficient, and our 6% click-through rate was excellent compared to the industry average of just 1%. This speaks to the efficacy of our targeting and the quality of the content produced.


When TPM first started working with Hirematic, the company was just beginning its journey to become a leading multi-channel job ad platform.

Over the past 12 months, Hirematic has evolved into a strong brand with a promising sales and marketing pipeline.

Today the company is successfully executing on its go-to-market strategy in Europe and beyond and making impressive gains in market share across target audiences and industries.

The TPM team is excited to see what the future has in store for this incredible company.

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