How Squirrel Introduced Cloud to its Legacy Business with Innovative Marketing Messaging

Squirrel Systems, a well-established Point of Sale (POS) provider, has been a trusted name in the hospitality sector for decades. Known for its reliable and robust on-premise solutions, the company has built a strong reputation for empowering businesses to manage their operations with ease and efficiency.

However, as the technology landscape rapidly evolved and the demand for cloud-based solutions grew, Squirrel recognized the need to launch a cloud-based POS to complement its on-premise offerings and stay competitive.

In 2021, Squirrel commissioned TPM to assist with the launch of its new cloud-based POS solution and position the company as a forward-thinking industry leader, while also preserving its legacy and industry standing.

What We Did and How We Did It

The TPM team worked with Squirrel to develop marketing strategies and tactics to effectively communicate the benefits of Squirrel’s new cloud-based solution to its existing and prospective clients. Together, TPM and Squirrel built creative campaigns and targeted messaging to elevate Squirrel’s brand and ultimately drive the adoption of its cutting-edge product offerings.

Product Marketing: Personas & Messaging

Brought on board to assist with strategy and execution, TPM engaged with Squirrel to define target audiences and industries. As expert product marketers, TPM conducted deep research, digging into different segments and competitors to build a solid understanding of Squirrel’s unique differentiators and opportunities.
TPM then met with Squirrel’s subject matter experts — from the business development representatives to the CEO — and reviewed client transcripts to finetune key personas. The research provided valuable insights that helped TPM create messaging for distinct buyers and identify the pain points within each market segment while maintaining strong core messaging throughout.
TPM’s XYZABC methodology
Using TPM’s XYZABC methodology, the team quickly built a framework that helped us build content on an expedited schedule to meet the aggressive launch deadline.
Squirrel web content

Web Content

As part of its comprehensive content marketing strategy for Squirrel, TPM undertook a thorough revision of key pages on the website to better showcase the innovative cloud-based POS solution alongside the on-premise offerings:
TPM wrote compelling, informative, and easily digestible content for each of these key pages, and effectively communicated the unique features and benefits of the new system, while also highlighting Squirrel’s commitment to the modernization of the hospitality industry.

Content Marketing

Digital Transformation in the Service Industry

TPM collaborated with Squirrel to develop several high-value lead-generation content pieces. The first piece was a comprehensive playbook, “Digital Transformation in the Service Industry.” This resource was designed to provide a key persona group — restaurant owners and operators — with a deep understanding of the digital landscape, as well as actionable insights on how to successfully navigate their own digital transformation journey.
Squirrel Playbook 2

Transform Your Guest Experience:
5 Steps to Replace Your POS.

The second piece was a guide, “Transform Your Guest Experience: 5 Steps to Replace Your POS.” This resource was targeted to a more technical buyer persona as it provided specific technical and operational considerations involved in replacing a POS system.

By offering these resources as free downloads on the website, Squirrel not only positioned itself as a thought leader in the industry but also fostered trust and credibility among its target audience, ultimately driving increased interest and engagement with its solutions.


Squirrel entrusted TPM with the critical task of executing all design work for its content marketing, web resources, and app store screenshots. Our team of world-class designers set out to create modern and visually striking designs that perfectly complemented Squirrel’s new cloud-based POS systems.

By carefully considering color schemes, typography, and layout, our designers crafted an aesthetic that not only aligned with Squirrel’s existing brand identity but also seamlessly integrated its innovative product offerings. This fresh and engaging design approach extended across all content marketing materials, including the playbook, infographics, and social media assets, ensuring a consistent visual language that resonated with Squirrel’s target audience. The result was a stunning and cohesive digital presence that effectively captured the essence of Squirrel’s transformation and showcased its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for the hospitality industry.

Squirrel for Table Service
"TPM has been invaluable to us in our product launch of our new Cloud POS platform and rebranded website, providing us with strategic messaging, copy, and design assets. Their understanding of the B2B buyer has helped us craft and articulate materials and on-point positioning.

Further and equally important, they have been extremely flexible beyond our scope of work and agreement as our go-to-market launch needs have changed. They've been a true partner allowing us to pivot on deliverables as needed without hesitation."


TPM helped the Squirrel team launch its cloud-based POS on an extremely tight schedule. However, the launch went smoothly, and Squirrel was very pleased with its new streamlined messaging and content marketing strategies.

Today the company is moving at hyper speed, successfully executing its go-to-market strategy in North America and making impressive gains in market share across its key target audiences.

We are very excited to see what the future has in store for this incredible brand.

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