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Does your current site feel like it’s 2006?

We’re happy to custom build a site that meets your budget and needs and work with you on the overall design, look and feel. Do you want something minimalist? Something simple with a lot of white space? Or do you wish to bring out the inner artist in you and pack it full of visuals and colors?


Our design team including videographers and photographers (as needed) gets to work to create your beautiful new online home – something that you can be proud of. And of course, we’d be happy to maintain your site and keep it updated or teach you how to do it yourself.

With our design process, we’ll typically provider you three mock versions and three rounds of changes. We want to get to know your preferences and tastes. After all, Design is in the eye of the beholder. What’s key is to create an emotional connection with your prospect through your design.


What separates our web team from others is that first we seek to understand your business and your customers. We’ll map out how they get to your site, what they want to achieve on the site and also what YOU want in terms of a call-to-action. Once we understand the business objectives, then our designer will work with you on your design elements and overall theme.


We work with all kinds of CMS applications, including Drupal and Ektron.

Here’s a Drupal site:

web development drupal unitedlayer


…and an Ektron site:

web development ektron


But we REALLY love WordPress.

We do theme setups, full theme customization, full design customization, child theme development, and implementation support for plugins, integration support, licenses and APIs.

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