Product Marketing Strategy Is Our Jam

TPM was built on product marketing messaging prowess. Product marketing is the linchpin of any marketing team. If you ace your product marketing strategy, everything else falls into place.

Our Product Marketing Solution

Whether you follow the Pragmatic Marketing commandments, worship at the altar of SiriusDecisions, or are just beginning to flex your product marketing muscle, TPM will help when you can’t see the forest for the trees.

All Great Product Marketing Starts at the X

Our proprietary XYZABC approach can help cut through the jargon, simplify your process, and nail your go-to-market messaging. Today, organizations like PayPal, Magento, HiConversion, and Sierra Wireless rely on our XYZABC methodology to strengthen their product marketing messaging, positioning, and differentiation — and build awesome content.

Product Messaging

We work with you to move beyond the features and functionality of your product and toward solving customer pain points. We help you clearly articulate how your products and services meet customers’ business needs. Our proprietary methodology — the XYZABC — empowers you to build your unique product marketing messaging framework.

Product Positioning

Product positioning helps you define where you sit in the market for your solution. Establishing clear product positioning can be a challenge as it’s easy to fall into the feature-comparison trap. Our product marketing process helps you pinpoint your perfect target audience, identify solid value propositions, and build defendable proof points.

Product Differentiation

We’ll help you analyze your target market to determine the critical differentiation points that set you apart from the rest. This lets you build competitive messaging and articulate the benefits of your solution when stacked against the scenario of no solution at all.

Competitive Analysis

Our competitive analysis process helps you identify direct competitors as well as share-of-wallet competitors, so you have a holistic view of the competitive landscape and can arm your sales team with the knowledge they need.


We offer more than just strategy. Our team can help you manage the tactical elements of product marketing — product release announcements, new feature communications, new customer testimonials, and sales enablement material. We’ll help you put your best foot forward.

The XYZABC Approach

We’ve developed a messaging and brand positioning methodology especially for tech companies.

How do you write an extraordinary brand positioning strategy?

It’s as easy as XYZABC.
Total Product Marketing has developed a proven methodology to help technology companies like yours perfect brand positioning, nail messaging, and communicate differentiation to cut through the noise.

How does the XYZABC brand positioning strategy work?

We start with the XYZ

The XYZ is how we position your product to your buyer (and show why it matters to them). It sounds straightforward, but extracting the most important aspects of your solution for the XYZ can be difficult.

The X is the solution you have to offer. Distill this description to its most basic format — not too broad, not too narrow. No heavy jargon, no pointless fluff.

The Y is your buyer. Who is the ideal customer for your solution? The primary buyer persona? What is the optimal market segment?

The Z is the benefit your ideal customer will gain from your solution. It’s the value — the reason a customer will be willing to pay for your solution. How does your buyer measure their gains?

And finish with the ABC
The ABC is how we differentiate you from your competitors and prove that you’re better. It anchors the benefits your solutions provide against your competitors and delivers conclusive points to demonstrate your solution is superior.

The A describes your top competitors in your space.

The B outlines how you differentiate against the competitors. What is your brand promise? How do you stand out? Why are you better?

If the B is why you are better, the C is how you are better. It’s not good enough to say that “we provide better customer service.” If you can’t prove it, that point of differentiation doesn’t exist.

What Does the XYZABC Brand Positioning Strategy Achieve?

Using the XYZABC positioning strategy methodology helps our team build a robust brand messaging framework for your organization. From there, the sky’s the limit. Great messaging will transform your content marketing, fuel your lead generation engine, increase conversion rates — and ultimately — help you drive tangible business results.
“It’s rare that I approve the first draft of messaging, but the XYZABC process hit the mark the first time around. Total Product Marketing understood our target audience and translated our deep technical content into meaningful business messaging.”

– Zee Aganovic, CEO, HiConversion

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