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Social Trends

In the ever-evolving world of social media, brands and marketers need to keep an eye out for current social trends and adapt accordingly. Are you leveraging the full power of social media to reach your audience? Or are you still assuming that a Facebook page is enough while your competitors take advantage of new social trends?

Stay on top of your social media game and keep reading to learn about what’s new in audio only networking, social commerce, livestreaming, and socially conscious content.

Want a deeper dive? This post is a refresh on a couple of trends that have grown over the past year. Check out our comprehensive posts on social commerce and inclusive marketing from 2020.

Stay On Top of the Social Media Game With These 4 Social Trends

1. All Talk with Online Audio

A profound shift in listening habits is underway with podcasts and live audio content increasing in popularity. The result is a steady growth of auditory culture. Social networks have dominated text and video, now audio is the new social trend.

It is clear there is value in audio-based social networking. Huge brands are competing with Clubhouse, an audio only social networking application that entered the market in March 2020. This app has attracted high-profile industry experts like Daymond John, Elon Musk, Oprah Winfrey, and Mark Zuckerberg.

Clubhouse is creating new marketing opportunities for brands. You can network and collaborate virtually in real time on an endless stream of topics. No matter your niche or area of expertise, you will find a conversation to join. With the app out of beta mode and open to the public — and 10 million people currently on the waitlist – now is the time to leverage audio only social networking for your brand.

LinkedIn and Reddit are currently developing Clubhouse rivals, joining a long list of brands with a social audio feature: Twitter, Slack, Facebook, and Spotify.

If you are not already, adapt your marketing strategy to include audio-specific content:

Social Commerce

2. Social Commerce

Over the past 10 or so years, ecommerce has rapidly expanded and adapted to the needs of consumers. As social media becomes increasingly embedded into our daily lives, more consumers are using it to catch up on new trends and to do product research. One social trend that has recently emerged from the ecommerce world is social commerce.

Social commerce blends the functionality of ecommerce with social media platforms. Your customers can shop directly within their favorite platform, using it to research, compare, and purchase — all from one place. Social commerce shortens your customer’s journey by a landslide. With fewer actions needed to make a purchase, it streamlines the lower end of the funnel.

A growing number of companies are developing applications that integrate purchasing features to help keep users on their platforms. We are seeing this already with Facebook and Instagram Live. Facebook has recently announced Live Shopping Fridays where it will host live-streamed shopping experiences with retailers every Friday.

Social commerce and livestreaming deliver unique experiences for both the consumer and the brand.

Consumers can
Brands can

Want to implement social commerce tactics for your brand? Check out our guide for some key actions you can introduce right away.

The Power of Storytelling

3. The Power of Storytelling

Storytelling has been around for a very long time. We share stories to entertain, educate, preserve culture, and to cultivate specific values. Stories are embedded into us as a species. We are captivated by the power and insight of storytelling.

It’s no different in the marketing world — storytelling is a powerful tool that every brand should learn. And in a digital world, this means your customers interact with stories primarily through their devices.

Livestreaming broadcasts, audio only networking, and social media stories are tools you can use to tell stories in an engaging way. Often posts are spontaneous and unplanned, giving your customers exclusive insights and a genuine connection to your brand.

Platform Key features that make them stand out
  • Replicate casual “water cooler” moments within your professional network
  • Stream directly to your LinkedIn Event attendees
  • Reach the largest potential audience worldwide
  • Reach more people by prioritizing longer videos (over 3 minutes)
  • Go live with up to 3 people with Live Rooms
  • Get access to updated Instagram Insights with Live analytics
  • Wins on searchability and live video SEO
  • Watch and experience a new video collectively with “Premiers”
  • Focused on video game livestreaming
  • Enroll in Creator Camp where you can learn everything you need to start streaming

4. Honest Social Impact

In 2020, it became clear how socially conscious Generations Z and Alpha impacted brands and society as a whole. Politics, equality, mental health, finance, and climate change are topics critical to these generations. As such, it is increasingly important for brands to engage in topics perhaps traditionally avoided in the past.

“Trust is going to be imperative, so brands have to be honest, conscientious, and appropriately humorous. In a world where people feel that they have to compromise enough (in what we hope is a post-pandemic world), the last thing they want is for companies to be insensitive, or unethical to make a quick buck.”

Where are these generations voicing their opinions on these topics? Social media. Instagram is by far one of the most popular applications among Gen Z. A recent study revealed that the average adult spends just over 13 hours a day engaged in media content. With these statistics in mind, it is imperative for brands to adapt to social trends by creating considerate, inclusive, and intergenerational content, or risk becoming insensitive and potentially obsolete.


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