The Benefits of Working Remotely: Why Remote Rocks for Our Team and Our Clients

How Our Remote Work Benefits Our Clients

Total Product Marketing is no stranger to the benefits of working remotely. We were remote before the pandemic. We stayed remote during the pandemic (obviously), and we have no plans to stop being a remote team — despite the fact that many agencies are calling their staff back to the office.

We think remote work rocks. And we’re confident you’ll think so too after reading this post.

The Benefits of Remote Work for Our Team

There are a ton of articles out there about how and why remote or hybrid work models are better for workers — and the companies that employ them. We’re not going to spend too much time on these points. If you’ve missed the chorus of voices touting the value of letting your staff work from home, let’s face it — you’re probably not going to read this one either.

Here’s a quick and dirty rundown of why our team loves working remotely:

How Our Remote Work Benefits Our Clients

This is the bit you’re really here for, right? Let’s dig into the good stuff — how does your organization benefit from working with a marketing agency with a fully remote team?

1. A Diverse, Talented Team

Agencies that insist staff need to be in the office even part of the time automatically limit the pool of talent they have to draw from. Our team is assembled based on skills and expertise, not geography, so we can make sure we have the right resources for every campaign. This model also supports more ethnic and cultural diversity, allowing us to bring a variety of perspectives to every project we take on.

A Diverse, Talented Team

2. Lower Overhead

Modern office spaces with natural light, recreation facilities, green spaces, employee costumes (oh, hey, TunnelBear), and food and drink options are great and all — but who do you think is paying for them? Your marketing agency is most definitely incorporating the costs of all those fun features in their rates. Obviously, our team spends some money on team-building and relaxation, but the fees you pay us go almost entirely to paying our team.

3. Reduced Risk of Disruption

Remember how everyone panicked and suddenly rushed to figure out how to make remote work efficient and secure a few years back? It was messy and inconvenient. And as much as we’d like to believe everyone has a plan in place for the next crisis, that’s not a foregone conclusion. One of the benefits of working remotely is that the risk of our work being disrupted — by something as big as a global emergency or as minor as a local power outage — is much lower.

4. Better Communication

How can a team scattered around the globe communicate better than employees who meet face-to-face daily? Hear me out. Our team has spent years fine-tuning our communications strategy and is constantly investigating new tools to ensure we’re making the most of our tech. We’re used to pivoting to new platforms based on client preferences. The adaptability of our communication styles is just another way our remote work benefits you.

5. Happier Staff

The data doesn’t lie: remote workers are happier. OK, that’s clearly a benefit for us. But working with organizations that prioritize staff happiness and well-being is good for your business — and the image you present to your customers.

Remote workers are more productive

6. Increased Productivity

There are only so many hours each day that the average person commits to work. But employees that work in the office spend at least some of that time driving in, socializing with (or being distracted by) co-workers, and mentally preparing themselves for the drive home. 100% of our team’s work hours are dedicated to understanding our clients, developing strategy, creating content, and building and launching campaigns. Not sold? From Fortune: “​​Bosses, you’re wrong: Remote workers are more productive than your in-office employees.”

7. Room for Innovation and Experimentation

Of course in-person agencies can innovate and experiment. Some do. But companies that have invested heavily in the software and hardware required to support a team at the office may not have the flexibility to explore every new tool or idea that comes their way. Our agile work model frees us to embrace change and try new things — an unexpected benefit of working remotely.

8. High Availability

It’s 5:10 PM and you’ve just had a brilliant idea for the campaign your marketing agency is working on. No one’s in the office now — and they won’t be for hours. But the thought is fresh in your mind now.

With a remote agency, there’s rarely a need to wait 16 hours until the workday starts again. Our teams are scattered across multiple time zones, meaning there’s virtually always someone “at the office” to answer your call.

Discover How Our Remote Work Benefits You

Don’t get me wrong: we’re not just any old remote marketing agency. At TPM, we eat, sleep, and breathe B2B technology marketing. Our high-availability team is made up of experts with broad and deep experience in SEO, marketing strategy, writing, and design, and we’re always looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our clients. Contact us to discuss your marketing needs.

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