The Digital Transformation of Telemedicine and How Marketing Can Help


Technological transformations are happening all around us, making a difference to our everyday life — and the field of medicine is no exception. Frequently on the cutting edge of science and technology, medicine has transitioned to the digital world with telemedicine.

Despite the urgency presented by the current pandemic, it’s clear that telemedicine is here to stay. Are you taking advantage of the tools and services available to grow your healthcare practice?

Keep reading to learn about how marketing teams can help with the digital transformation of your telemedicine business.

Continued Rise of Telemedicine

The pandemic has driven more people to embrace telemedicine. Many patients had their first encounter with telemedicine when the option of getting in-person care was limited to reduce crowding in hospitals and clinics. According to a McKinsey report, telemedicine accounted for 32% of office and outpatient visits by April 2020.

Despite telemedicine being a new experience for many patients, it is not a new service. The first instance of modern telemedicine was over 50 years ago with NASA providing healthcare to astronauts in the late 1960s — and it has grown ever since. Wearable devices that sync to computers, like fitness wristbands, heart rate monitors, and smart watches, are examples of telemedicine tools that track patient data in real time.

Technology has reimagined every part of our lives, and we are increasingly relying on it for work, education, making purchases, social interactions, and healthcare. Some say we are moving towards a “tele-everything” world by 2025 — with tele-justice, tele-medicine, tele-work, and tele-school.

“For 40% of Americans, digital tools have taken on new relevance: They report they used technology or the internet in ways that were new or different to them (since the pandemic began).”

Pandemic Propels Telemedicine Forward

The uptick in telemedicine use was borne out of necessity, though it has presented tremendous opportunities to reinvent virtual and hybrid healthcare models to improve access to care and patient outcomes.

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia has seen a monumental shift in the way healthcare services are planned and delivered — the biggest shift it has seen in 20 years. A New York non-profit organization is offering overnight emergency care through their “ER on Demand” program where callers are connected with a certified paramedic who determines the level of care needed.

It’s not just medical clinics or private practices making the shift to telemedicine. Hospitals are developing technology to provide advanced care at a large scale. From Bluetooth stethoscopes to remote cancer care in tele-oncology — among many others — the options are proving endless for providing advanced healthcare at a distance.

The Digital Transformation of Telemedicine

How Marketing Professionals Can Help

At its core, telemedicine is not all that different from other industries that have already undergone a digital transformation. Banking, retail, education, entertainment, and travel have all benefited from adopting technology to improve business processes while adding value for their customers.

When it comes to establishing an online presence, digital marketers do it best. They make sure you are engaging with the right audiences through the right channels with the right message.

Digital marketers…

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