How to Find the Right B2B Marketing Partner

How to Find the Right B2B Marketing Partner

“What is the secret to a successful B2B marketing strategy?”

It’s probably the question I get asked the most. It is, after all, kind of my field. But the secret is, there is no one winning strategy. Marketing, like many industries, is a continually evolving field — the methods that got you to the top last year might not work at all this year. If there is a trick to winning the B2B marketing game, it’s finding the right B2B marketing partner.

“But isn’t that expensive? Can’t I just do my own marketing?”

Yes and no. Working with a good B2B marketing partner isn’t going to be free, obviously. And, depending on your resources, it is possible to handle your own marketing strategy and campaigns. (Total Product Marketing has hosted whole seminars training small business owners on how content and email marketing works.)

Think of it this way: Hiring an outside team of B2B marketing experts is an investment. Yes, it might cost a bit more than putting together your own campaigns. But it’s almost guaranteed to be a lot more effective.

What B2B Marketing Includes

Marketing to other businesses is not the same as marketing to consumers. Discounts, special offers on social media, or appearances at public events are a little too broad for the market you’re trying to reach.

And there’s more to B2B marketing than just putting together a monthly newsletter or publishing a blog post once a week. It’s strategic, and comprehensive — every aspect of how your business communicates with potential customers should be carefully orchestrated to grab their attention at just the right moment.

Every company’s needs will vary slightly, of course. But a good B2B marketing partner should be ready to support your organization with:

Finding the Right B2B Marketing Partner

Finding the Right Partner

“So how do I find a B2B marketing partner that will get results?”

This is an important question. Far more important than looking for some magic formula that will get your business name in front of potential clients. The right B2B marketing partner can make all the difference in the world. Choose carefully.

Know your goals.

The best marketing team in the world may struggle to produce results that satisfy if you can’t articulate what you want. Think about what you’d like to achieve with your marketing efforts, and discuss that with any potential partners.

Find someone who understands your industry.

A marketing agency that’s had great success promoting a corporate catering business won’t necessarily get the companies you’re trying to sell cloud or software-as-a-service to. Make sure your B2B marketing partner has experience in your field.

Choose experts who stay current.

What works in marketing will change and evolve as your industry, products, and audience change. Find a B2B marketing partner that is continually learning and honing their techniques to stay ahead of trends.

Stay involved.

The more your marketing agency knows about you and your business — and vice versa — the better equipped they’ll be to communicate with your audiences. The right B2B marketing partner is just that — a partner.

Do your homework.

Ask for references. Look for client feedback and testimonials online. Read reviews on B2B sites. Nothing speaks louder about a potential partner than what their other clients say about them.

“MBS Secure has been relying on TPM for digital marketing for over three years. We were very cautious in our marketing and relied on TPM to guide us. At first, it was slow and frustrating. Eventually, the traffic increased and MOST importantly, the conversions, leads and SALES followed! All organically. It is a great partnership and we continue to rely on TPM for digital marketing guidance and expertise.”

Looking for a B2B Marketing Partner?

Are you a technology company in search of the right B2B marketing partner? Consider Total Product Marketing. We understand how tough it can be to balance developing a successful marketing strategy and maintaining the other crucial components of your business.

At TPM, we speak the language of the technology buyer. Our experts are always updating their skills to help Cloud, IoT and SaaS companies stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

We recently earned ourselves a place on the Vancouver Leader list on Clutch for the second consecutive year, an honour we couldn’t have achieved if our clients didn’t go out of their way to engage with the Clutch team to help the assess our service, value, and success rates. We’re also included in the Canada directory on The Manifest for leading digital marketing agencies.

If you’d like to learn more about our award-winning methodologies or discuss your tech organization’s B2B marketing needs, we’d love to hear from you. Drop us a line today!

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