Total Product Marketing Unveils Innovative AI Tech Stack to Empower B2B Businesses

Optimizing use of artificial intelligence tools will accelerate content creation, enhance marketing campaigns, and drive sales enablement.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, SEPTEMBER 28, 2023 — Total Product Marketing (TPM), a pioneer in marketing strategy and services, is proud to unveil its AI Tech Stack, revolutionizing the marketing landscape for businesses grappling with soaring interest rates and constrained budgets. In these financially challenging times, TPM offers a cost-effective marketing solution that brings the same exceptional team and expertise to clients while passing on significant savings derived from leveraging the power of AI.

Dean Ara, Principal, expressed his enthusiasm for this leap forward. “Our commitment to embracing AI tools reflects our dedication to staying at the forefront of marketing excellence. By harnessing the power of AI combined with our traditional product marketing and go–to-market capabilities that dive deep into helping connect our customers to their buyers, we’re enabling our clients to execute winning campaigns with unmatched speed, gaining a definitive edge in today’s competitive market.”

The TPM AI Tech Stack is designed to cater to the evolving needs of their clients, providing them with a dedicated team that meticulously evaluates AI-powered tools for in such areas content creation, topic generation, and industry research. This hybrid AI approach ensures businesses can maintain their marketing momentum without breaking the bank. The AI-powered solution optimizes resource allocation, enabling clients to adapt to budget constraints without compromising their core message or scaling down their ambitions.

Longtime TPM client Geoff Hultin, CMO of, a global SD-WAN platform for service providers, shared his excitement about the new initiative. “TPM has been an unwavering partner in our journey, spearheading our content and digital marketing strategies. With their expertise and skilled team, we’ve unlocked opportunities for growth and evolution. We’re very excited about the possibilities of TPM’s AI Tech Stack team.”

Andrew Kita, Senior Manager, AI and Digital at TPM, emphasized the company’s mission. “Our mission is to empower B2B tech companies by sifting through the ever-evolving AI landscape. We ensure our clients’ time is spent on growth, not tool selection, and their trust in TPM fuels our drive to deliver excellence.”

Irene Schouwenaar, Director of Communications at TPM, shed light on the early outcomes of their AI experiments. “The results of our early experiments comparing human- and AI-generated content have been fascinating. They’ve really highlighted the fact that, while AI is a powerful tool for marketers, a deep understanding of how to leverage it is vital to creating campaigns and content that stand out and deliver results.”

As TPM continues to innovate, the team is thrilled about the positive impact AI tools will have on B2B businesses as AI will unlock unprecedented efficiencies, accelerate growth, and deliver results to reshape the landscape of B2B marketing.

This press release was initially written by AI and then modified by the TPM AI Tech Stack Team.

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